Yellow Cab San Francisco chooses Panorama’s GPSB Sharkee™

Yellow Cab San Francisco chooses Panorama's GPSB Sharkee®


Panorama Antennas, Inc. is proud to announce that Yellow Cab San Francisco have chosen Panorama’s “Sharkee™”, Multi-Band Antenna for their Voice, Data and GPS Positioning antennas.  The Sharkee™ Antenna is the latest generation of vehicle antennas with the ability to connect to multiple frequency bands, using one single hole in the vehicle body. The Sharkee™ Antenna with its modern, automotive design use the same industry-leading performance Panorama is known for.

The ability to reduce the number of individual antennas, while maintaining or increasing the performance of communications, is important.  To accomplish this at a low initial investment that maintain the aesthetics and increase the resell value of the vehicle made the Sharkee™ the perfect solution for San Francisco Yellow Cab.    

Yellow Cab San Francisco’s modern fleet of Hybrid Vehicles will all be equipped with Sharkee™ Antennas by the end of 2012.

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