The TRNBG-TET in Brazil

The TRNBG-TET in Brazil


This year, the Brazilian government is opening bidding to privatise ports, airports, and roads in an attempt to stimulate the economy, increase export growth, and undo the problems of a decade without infrastructure investments. In 2007, the government began privatising 28,000km of the railways; now 84% is controlled by America Latina Logistica (ALL) and Vale. Significant investments by these two companies (the railway network is valued at R$ 91 billion) are being carried out to ensure attractive returns for other companies investing in the operation of passenger and cargo trains.

The railway requires a robust, reliable, and practical communications system, and for this TETRA was chosen. Initially, the integrator Abix has launched a TETRA communications system for voice and data in conjunction with Motorola Solutions Brazil that covers from the port of Santos, to the railway station in Paratinga. This segment of system will cater for the trains operating between Santos and Campinas. As 70% of cargo coming inland from Santos is currently transported by ALL, a reliable system able to support high volumes is very important.

As part of this system integration, the Panorama TRNBG-TET antenna was chosen to play an essential role in network coverage. The TRNBG-TET was the perfect choice as it passed the rigorous environmental testing needed to meet the railway network standards. Its advanced construction was able to consistently stand up to extreme temperature and humidity.

The TRNBG is now the train antenna of choice for ALL and Vale.

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