The CMWB2-038-6-NJ at Centre Hospitalier Langy

CMWB2-038-6-NJ at Centre Hospitalier Langy


The Challenge

Once again Panorama Antennas is at the forefront of modern RF technology. Together with the French system integrator, Selecom, Panorama supplied 58pcs of the CMWB2-038-6-NJ antenna which have been installed into a new hospital built in Lagny-sur-Marne in East Paris.

The CMWB2-038-6-NJ was selected for its wideband capabilities, and enables the customer to have simultaneous coverage for TETRA (used by the French Homeland Security), GSM and 3G frequency bands. It is also ready for 4G LTE when this is launched in France later this year. The CMWB2-038-6-NJ has been installed in all the hospital buildings.

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