The Canadian Alpine Ski Team now using Panorama Antennas VHF 1/4 Wave Portable Antenna

Panorama Antennas

The Canadian Alpine Ski Team now using Panorama Antennas VHF 1/4 Wave Portable Antenna

Panorama Antennas, the world’s largest supplier of portable antennas for the PMR industry is proud to supply the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. Teaming up with Kenwood, an official partner to Alpine Canada, Panorama designed a special VHF 1⁄4 wave portable antenna whip tuned to 162MHz (MVQ-SMAFR-162) for the Kenwood NEXEDGE® NX-200 portable radio which outperformed the competition. This was critically important considering the terrain the radios are to be used in.

Paul Kristofic, Head Coach for the Men’s Program states “In a world where success and failure is determined by hundredths of a second, our on hill team communications require clarity, precision and un-wavering dependability. Our work environment challenges the very best made electronics, from -40 C, gale force wind, snow, rain, sleet, crowd noise 50,000 strong and travel around the world. OurKenwood radios consistently offer outstanding performance despite everything we throw at them. Their rugged build quality, range of functions and ultimately top performance make Kenwood our choice in 2 way radio communications.”

Over 100 of the Kenwood NEXEDGE® NX-200 radios with Panorama MVQ- SMAFR-162 antennas have now been deployed and are being used for communications by Alpine Canada in all disciplines of alpine skiing including Men’s and Women’s Downhill, Super-G and Slalom.

About Panorama Antennas Ltd:


Established in 1947 and a family business now in its third generation, Panorama Antennas is a world leader in radio communication antennas. Serving the consumer wireless, M2M & IoT, in-building, transportation and public safety industries, Panorama employs over 80 staff, has 4 subsidiaries in Brisbane/Australia, Texas/USA, Bordeaux/France,  Singapore and 10 international sales offices.

A proud member of leading industry bodies and recipient of numerous awards, Panorama Antennas retains all design, development and manufacturing at its headquarters in Wandsworth, London. 

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