A Covert Antenna Solution for the
Metropolitan Nashville Police Department


The Client

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD)

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) is the primary provider of law enforcement services for Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee, in the United States.

4G/5G MiMo Sharkee antenna with GPS/GNSS and optional MiMo Wifi connectivity.

The Challenge

A versatile antenna solution

When the MNPD required a covert antenna for their undercover vehicles they contacted Panorama
Antennas for assistance. The MNPD covers an area of 526.1 square miles which encompasses
everything from high density urban locations to rural areas. MNPD thus needed a versatile antenna
solution that would still provide consistent cell coverage and no significant impact on RF performance.
This also needed to be a true no drill solution to replace the OEM antenna and still have the capabilities
of using the AM/FM radio in the vehicle.
The Antenna


The Antenna

The MiMo Sharkee 5G antenna was an ideal solution
for MNPD covert vehicles. It provided MNPD all the
communication functions to be performed by a single
product with a true no drill solution by replacing the
existing roof antenna. Since the new GPSD-6-60-QW
has been developed with the most advanced 5G LTE
vehicle router technology in mind; Panorama Antennas
was able to go above beyond the expectations of MNPD
covert antenna needs.


The Solution

The antenna solution was configured to connect to a mobile radio, camera system, router and the AM/
FM radio in the vehicle without sacrificing connectivity. This solution enabled all the communication
functions to be performed by a single product installation with a single hole mount on the vehicle roof.
Not only does this preserve the vehicle resale value but reduced the number of antennas on the
vehicle roof, thus allowing for a quicker, neater installation and even enhanced the cellular upload

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