• DPXA-BC-DAB | Active AM/FM + DAB Splitter Unit

The DPXA-BC-DAB is an active splitter unit, allowing a single passive antenna to be used for both AM/FM and DAB radio functions. Ideal for use with either Panoramas’ specific broadcast antenna whip model KF-BC-B3-L or as part of a more complex covert/discreet antenna system, where it is necessary to retain the broadcast radio function.

  • For use with Passive Antenna

  • AM/FM & DAB Amplifier

  • FAKRA Connectors

  • CE approved

The unit can be powered by 9-16 volts by phantom feed (via coax) from the broadcast radio or from a separate power feed. All antenna connectors are FAKRA type Z (male) enabling an easy interconnection between the antenna and the radio inputs. Easy to install with the supplied adhesive pad and is CE approved.

Frequency Range (MHz) 
150kHz  – 1.71 MHz
Amplifier Gain
Noise Figure
k.A. n/a
≤ 3.5dB
≤ 2.0dB
Phantom Power
9-16V  <50mA 9-16V  <50mA 9-16V  <20mA

Electrical Data
Typical VSWR ≤ 1.5:1
Splitter Type AM/FM DAB Amplified Splitter
Mechanical Data
Connector FAKRA Z (m)

DPXA-BC-DAB | Active AM/FM + DAB Splitter Unit

  • Product Code: DPXA-BC-DAB


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