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Panorama Antennas is the leading supplier to public safety organisations around the world, and our flagship Sharkee® range pioneered this success. The Sharkee® range is continuously growing to meet the evolving needs of the public safety sector, driven by the increasing demand for vehicle communication systems, cost-effective installations, and enhanced vehicle residual value.

Introducing the Sharkee

Introducing the
Sharkee® Range

At Panorama Antennas, we take pride in our flagship-leading product, the Sharkee®. Trusted by customers worldwide, this innovative solution has been revolutionising wireless connectivity for public safety, emergency services, utility fleet communication systems, and mass transit authorities since its introduction in 2011.

The Sharkee® range offers a versatile and comprehensive solution, encompassing multiple antenna functions within a single OEM Sharkfin house. With its range of models, this product is designed to meet all your needs. From GPS and LTE to WiFi applications, and with most models equipped for 5G, the Sharkee® is ready to tackle any communication challenge.

In 2016, Panorama Antennas won the Gerald David award with the Sharkee® MiMo Antenna for innovation in business radio. The judging panel was particularly attracted to this solution because of the extent of the development necessary to bring this product to market and the impressiveness of the future-proof design.

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Less Antennas mean less installation holes and faster installation lead times


Would you like the vehicle antenna to have an OEM Sharfin style?


Do you have limited roof space or possibly a ribbed roof that makes installation more difficult?

The solution you are after

A Full Portfolio of Antenna Solutions Available For All Requirements

Police forces and public safety agencies worldwide use a wide range of vehicles for day to day deployment, tactical use, or emergency operations. That’s why Panorama has developed a wide range of vehicle antennas for these different needs. Most commonly used are our panel hole permanent mounted antenna solutions which utilise the vehicles metal roof as part of its ground plane to function properly.

There are magnetic mount antenna options available for temporary use, low profile and ground plane independent models available for specialist vehicles, and also covert antenna solutions for special police units. It’s for this reason why Panorama has the most complete range of police car antennas in the industry.

4G/5G MiMo Sharkee antenna with GPS/GNSS and optional MiMo Wifi connectivity.

GPSD-6-60 | 4G/5G MiMo ‘Sharkee®’ 4G/5G + GPS/GNSS + Whip Mounting & Optional MiMo Wifi

MiMo 2.4/5.0GHz Sharkfin Antenna with up to 5 elements and optional GPS/GNSS, housed in a sleek sharkfin design.

SHK[G]-7-27 | 2×2 MiMo 2G/3G/4G + 3×3 WiFi + GPS/GNSS

GPS[X]D4[X]-6-60 | 4×4 MiMo 4G/5G Sharkfin Antenna

MiMo Sharkee antenna with whip mounting and GPS/GNSS capability in shark fin style housing

GPSD-7-27 | MiMo ‘Sharkee®’ 2G/3G/4G + GPS/GNSS + Whip Mounting & Optional MiMo Wifi

Sharkfin Antenna MiMo 4G/5G, UHF LTE, WiFi, and GPS Antenna.

GPSD[X]S4-7-38[-X24] | Sharkfin LTE450 + 4G/5G MiMo Antenna

mimo sharkee

SHKG-6-60 | 4G/5G MiMo ‘Sharkee®’
OEM, 2×2 MiMo, Optional GPS/GNSS, Up to 4x MiMo WiFi

Sharkee™ multi-tech sharkfin antenna for GPS, WiFi, and LTE.

GPSB | ‘Sharkee®’
LTE, WiFi & GPS Sharkfin Antenna

GPSB5G | ‘Sharkee®’
LTE, WiFi & GPS Sharkfin Antenna

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Sharkee® in Action

Sharkee® Case Studies

View our portfolio of Sharkee® case studies here and find out exactly why customers trust the Sharkee® internationally to #Makingtheconnection


The Sharkee® range redefines vehicle communications, two-way radio, and in-vehicle connectivity. Trusted as the ‘de facto’ antenna solution among public safety organisations, Sharkee® sets the industry standard with its unmatched quality, innovation, and design.

For seamless and reliable connectivity, Sharkee® antennas excel in any environment. Whether you are a public safety agency, utility fleet, or mass transit authority, our antennas provide the ideal solution for your communication needs.

The Ideal Solution for Your Communication Needs

4x4 MiMo 4G/5G
Sharkfin Antenna

4G/5G MiMo
Sharkee® Antenna


The Beginning

Founded as J.F.J. Products in 1947 by Leon Jesman. J.F.J. Products was one of the many small, light engineering enterprises set up in this post-war era, focusing in the highly competitive consumer market.


The Future

In 2022 Panorama Antennas Ltd celebrated the 75th Anniversary of its founding. From here Panorama moves forward as a British manufacturing company rooted firmly in Europe, the USA and Australia offering reliable, innovative products and local specialist support to customers large and small across the globe.

Why Choose Panorama Antennas

Panorama Antennas is a UK based privately owned family business, now in its third generation, and is a leading designer and manufacturer of antennas for wireless communication. Established in London in 1947, today Panorama produces antennas for a number of the world’s leading communication companies and has grown to include over 100 staff worldwide, as well as 4 fully owned subsidiaries in Australia, France, Singapore and the US. Panorama strives to take the challenges out of antenna selection for you the customer. 

Our products can be purchased in standard kit format with full cable assemblies, or made to order as per contractual obligations. Our expert team is on hand to offer advice and assistance for your antenna needs however basic or complex. Panorama is the established name in mobile antennas for critical communications and as Airwave transitions to ESN, you can be confident that Panorama will continue to provide you with the most comprehensive and trusted product offering on the market.

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