Securing Antennas Interviews Trond Hendriksen of AddSecure

Securing Antennas Interviews Trond Hendriksen of AddSecure


Panorama Antennas Interviews Trond Hendriksen of AddSecure

What attracted you to Panorama Antennas?

AddSecure aim at perfection when it comes to product quality. Reliability, stability and delivery are important to us. Dealing with secure wireless communications we are highly dependent on the antennas. Through Emcom, a local vendor, we were introduced to Panorama Antennas, and with the rapid development in mobile communications it’s a relief to have a partner who can guide us towards the best possible solutions to reach our goals.

Trond Hendriksen is the Senior Systems Specialist at AddSecure. With 17 years of experience in safety and alarm monitoring he now works as an advisor for AddSecure’s product development team.

How was Panorama Antennas able to help AddSecure?

We develop GSM based alarm signal and voice transmitters mainly for use in intrusion, elevator and fire alarms. They communicate primarily on SMS, 2G, 3G and now 4G networks as well. Our main goal is to keep our customers happy with no downtime on their alarm systems.

Panorama custom built a PCB antenna for us, to fit within the housing of our Airborne DC family of products. It was a huge challenge as there are a lot of electronic components, wiring and even a couple of batteries placed closely to the antenna within this small box, but we are very pleased with how it has worked out. We also use a set of external antennas, like the LPW-BC3G-26, which is a brilliant choice if you need to find the best possible radio coverage for your device.

To keep the end customer happy we focus to provide a simple and easy installation process for the field technician. Both the PCB antenna and the LPW-BC3G-26 are truly plug-and-play without any adapters and special fittings. It simply just works.

Were you satisfied with Panorama Antennas’ products and services?

Panorama have met us with excellent products, great tech support and expertise, as well as solutions and ideas for the different mechanical challenges we’ve come across. There is a vast array of alternatives but comparing Pano- rama to other manufacturers we value their flexibility and their ability to listen to us as a customer.

With the exploding popularity and trends in IoT and M2M technologies we feel confident that Panorama will contin- ue to fulfil our demands and bring us exceptional antennas for both high bandwidth applications as well as in the narrow band IoT field for the years to come.

Panorama Antennas custom-built solutions for AddSecure interview with Trond Hendriksen
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