Safe and Reliable Wi-Fi Connectivity for Jerusalem’s Municipal Trams

Safe and Reliable Wi-Fi
Connectivity for Jerusalem's
Municipal Trams


The Challenge

Wireless connectivity on public transport is vital for both passengers and staff; it provides a foundation to an improved user experience. However, it can sometimes be a challenge, as a public Wi-Fi network can be unstable and not secure. Therefore, a solution needs to both provide stable connectivity whilst also
protecting the user.

Recently, Panorama had a client who wanted to equip the city of Jerusalem’s municipal trams with passenger Wi-Fi. By providing passengers with connectivity, user experience will improve. Wi-Fi is the key to a successful journey as passengers can get travel updates, buy tickets, get information and have access to online entertainment.

Additionally, as technology evolves, an increasing proportion of people are using their daily commute to start their workday. By putting Wi-Fi on tram cars, passengers can work (without losing connectivity) like they would from the office or at home.

The tram car manufacturers were interested in finding a solution that would provide Wi-Fi connectivity and an on-board cyber-security solution capable of detecting and preventing intrusion attempts.


The Product

Low Profile MiMo WiFi Antenna

The compact, robust low-profile housing contains up to four antenna elements with effective isolation and low correlation covering

The antenna is designed to be ceiling mounted and can be fitted on a conductive or nonconductive panel. Supplied with integrated flame
retardant CS32 cables (Compliant to UN ECE R118 and EN45545-2) and a halogen-free, flame retardant radome the antenna is suitable for
many environments.


The Solution

A hardware/software combination consisting of the following components was implemented to overcome the problems facing the client:

Teldat APR2044ax: an access point designed explicitly for WLAN applications in railway environments. To provide onboard wireless connectivity, it can be installed in vehicles such as trams and is expressly intended to comply with demanding railway regulations. Its two radio modules offer dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity simultaneously.

It supports advanced Wi-Fi functions such as multiple SSIDs, different access levels, logical separation, prioritisation and QoS systems.

By using the Teldat APR2044ax alongside the CM4-24-58, Jerusalem’s trams were able to introduce on board connectivty, and significantly improve user experience.


Why Teldat

A recent client approached Teldat for their expertise in the world of IP networks and cellular interconnections, having previously worked with Teldat on similar projects globally. The client was impressed with the high-quality service and technical support provided by Teldat in previous projects.

Teldat boasts over four decades of experience in the telecommunications industry, earning recognition for setting an exceptionally high standard in providing quality solutions. With its proficiency in providing comprehensive hardware/software solutions that encompass Wi-Fi connectivity and cyber-security, Teldat emerged as the perfect partner for this project.

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