Rugged M2M Antenna for Energias de Portugal

Rugged M2M Antenna for Energias de Portugal


The Challenge

EDP – Energias de Portugal – is Portugal’s largest electricity operator that generates and distributes power throughout the country. EDP required an antenna solution for their fixed site control equipment that needed to be controlled remotely.

Operating day and night, 365 days a year in all weather meant that any solution would need to be tough and adaptable to the demanding conditions. In addition, the antenna would have to provide dependable cellular signal for monitoring and switching opeartions, with an omni directional pattern


The Antenna

The B4BE-7-27 is a compact omnidirectional broad band antenna covering 2G, 3G and 4G. With a rugged design that is fully weatherproof, the B4BE-7-27 can stand up to any fixed installation application that requires a dependable cellular antenna.

The B4BE-7-27 allows easy placement in an elevated position with its omnidirectional radiation pattern and the design of the mounting bracket enables simple wall mounting using the supplied screws and bracket or mast mounting using a separate pipe clip or cable ties.

This antenna is an ideal solution for use in M2M applications such as remote switching and telemetry.


The Client

EDP is a vertically integrated utility company, is the largest generator, distributor and supplier of electricity in Portugal and has significant operations in electricity and gas in Spain. EDP is the third largest electricity generation company and one of the largest distributors of gas in the Iberian Peninsula.

Equinorte worked with EDP to find the optimal antenna solution for their fixed site control equiptment. Equinorte was founded in 1965 and specialises in radio equiptment and installations. Based in Porto, Portugal, Equinorte is a distributor of Panorama Antennas carrying a range of M2M, PMR, Consumer Wireless and In Building antennas.


The Solution

EDP entrusted Equinorte and Panorama to supply the best solution of fixed antennas designed to control equipment and remote switching of their power distribution system; more than 5,000 Panorama B4BE-7-27 2G / 3G / 4G antennas were installed, ensuring excellent performance.

The rapid delivery of antennas by Panorama, and flexibility in providing custom-made solutions (LPB-7-27-3SP/SP8-0462 KIT ) have been the key factors of this success story. In addition, the vast experience of Equinorte in the area of radiocommunications and the rigorous dedication to this project were also deciding factors for EDP to choose them as their supplier.

For Panorama antennas this has been the first important supply to M2M/Telemetry sector in Portugal which during the last few years has been dominated by LTE consumer wireless antenna demand only.