Reliable MiMo Connectivity for Motorhomes

Reliable MiMo Connectivity for Motorhomes


The Challenge

Touring holidays are quickly growing in popularity in the UK with an expected 16.6 million campervan trips to be made a year by 2030. This coupled with today’s ever rising need for a reliable internet connection means that there has been a vast increase in the number of motorhome users requesting this connectivity.

The UK company Motorhome WiFi has become the go-to place for providing these motorhome connectivity systems and Panorama is proud to supply them with the 4G antennas they require.
These antennas needed to be installed easily on any vehicle roof and durable and weatherproof to withstand regular travel. They also needed to provide high-quality connectivity in the most rural areas.


The Antenna

Panorama Antennas supplies Motorhome WiFi with the LPMM- 7-27 and GPSD-7-27 to fit their customer’s requirements.

Both antennas contain two isolated high performance elements providing MiMo coverage 698-3800MHz LTE cellular frequencies. The GPSD-7-27 also provides an active GPS/GNSS ele- ment with 26dB gain LNA.
The antennas do not require a ground plane and maintain high levels of performance even when mounted on non-metallic sur- faces, which makes them ideal for the roofs of the motorhomes. Requiring only a single hole to mount, with options for ribbed and extra thick vehicle rooves, these antennas are versatile and can be easily fitted and installed.


The Client

The founders of Motorhome Wifi, Adam and Sophie, established the company in 2012 after spending 12 months touring Europe travelling through more than 30 countries and over 21,000 miles! They found it hard to find a solution that kept them connected during these travels, something they required for work and updating their travel blog.
They now supply thousands of their award winning connectivity solutions across Europe and the UK keeping their customers connected during their travels.


The Solution

Motorhome WiFi now utilise the LPMM-7-27 and the GPSD-7-27 in a range of consumer-friendly bundles they have designed and manufactured specifically for motorhomes. These come with MiFi units or routers, data SIM cards and fitting kits suitable for leisure vehicles. Everything a campervan needs to have a reliable and secure connection!

This solution can provide mobile home owners with up to 5x the cellular performance that they would typically get from their phones. It is also significantly cheaper than previous satellite internet systems, these can be around 10x the price of a 4G mobile broadband system.

These connectivity packages offer the ideal internet solution for the expanding number of campervan owners. Panorama’s antennas provide them with the connectivity they need for access to social media, entertainment streaming and anything they desire while on the go!

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