Public Safety Network Upgrade of Singapore

Public Safety Network Upgrade of Singapore


The Challenge

Singapore is a densely populated city-state and one of South East Asia’s fastest growing and most developed countries. Known for its modern buildings and infrastructure, the city also has some of the world’s lowest crime rates and strictest laws, and so having a radio communication system that can keep pace is vital. Public safety officials in Singapore previously used a nationwide legacy TETRAPOL public safety network for radio communications. The Ministry of Home Affairs decided that a system upgrade was required to meet new technology needs, and in 2013 it was announced that TETRA would be deployed to meet this requirement. The new system would be online and available for use for the Singapore Police Force and Singapore Civil Defence Force (a total of 42,000 officers by 2015) so a large-scale deployment challenge had been set.


The Antenna

UHF 410-430MHz & UHF 410-430MHz

Panorama Antennas was awarded the contract to supply mobile and marine antennas for the Singapore nationwide public safety upgrade. Our products and experience within the TETRA market reassured the customer that we would be able to meet their needs. Panorama’s UHF 410-430MHz and GPS combination panel mount vehicle antenna and UHF 410-430MHz and GPS combination marine-grade antennas were selected as the preferred products and 1,100pcs of the mobile antenna and 330pcs of the marine antenna were supplied along with cabling configured to the TETRA mobile radios being installed within a 6-month period to cover all police, firefighting, ambulance vehicles and marine patrol vessels used by the Singapore emergency services.


The Client

The Singapore Police and Civil Defence Force is divided into two main constituents that cover the whole of Singapore and the surrounding islands. The Police force operates with over 38,000 officers, with the other services numbering around 5,600 officers.


The Benefit

Panorama Antennas is the most highly recognised name in TETRA UHF antennas. Our experience in developing suitable and cost effective products to meet the needs of the critical communications industry means that we are able to meet challenges such as this one for the Ministry of Home Affairs. Robert Jesman, Sales Director at Panorama Antennas said: “We are proud to be part of such a largescale and prestigious contract as this one in Singapore. It illustrates why Panorama Antennas is the brand that TETRA customers can rely on to provide an excellent solution that exactly meets their needs. We are delighted to be assisting in keeping the people of Singapore safe”. Singapore now has one of the most modern and secure public safety networks in the world.

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