Providing Wireless Connectivity to High Speed Trains in Portugal

Providing Wireless Connectivity to High Speed Trains in Portugal


The Challenge

In 2017, Portugal’s biggest railway operator, CP embarked on a renovation project with the target of having the Lisbon-Porto train line modernised and wireless communications systems upgraded, in addition to provide free WiFi connection to all the passengers. Initially, Intercity trains were to be renewed and then the Alfa pendular high velocity train line, which operates between Braga – Porto – Lisbon – Faro, at a top speed of 220 km/h (138 mph), was to be modernised. Naturally, a confined metallic structure at very high speed, a top quality train antenna had to be sought, and CP chose Panorama TRNMG-7-60-NJ which could deliver LTE/WiFi/GPS MiMo functions in single housing.

TRNM[G] MiMo Rail Antenna on train roof

The Antenna


The TRNM(G) MiMo antenna series is designed specifically for use on trains, trams and buses underground or over ground. Incorporating two elements operating wideband across all frequencies from 698MHz to 6000MHz the TRNM(G) range is versatile and future proof. The TRNM(G) series covers GSMR, 700MHz LTE, 800MHz TETRA and trunking bands along with all Cellular and GSM frequencies, 2.4 & 5.8GHz WLAN, 2.6 GHz LTE and WIMAX all in one housing. The TRNM(G) has two DC grounded radiating elements, in versions with a GPS module it is protected by a gas discharge surge arrestor. Housed in a high impact, flame retardant Ultem housing, the TRNM(G) series is weatherproof ensuring that the antenna’s performance is never compromised. The TRNM[G] antenna meets stringent industry standards including EN50155, EN45545-2 (HL 1-3), EN50124-1 (25 KA / 100 MS) and is ingress protected to IP69k when properly installed.


The Client: Wavecom S.A.

Established in 2000, Wavecom is a manufacturer focused on wireless communications systems and wireless en- abled applications. They provide a comprehensive range of products and services including SmartBus/SmartTrain (routers with multiple wireless interfaces), equipment and services management software, guest Wi-Fi management software, LoraWAN access Networks, Real Time Location Systems, M2M and IoT communications networks. Wave- com’s solid engineering supports customised solutions design and spread through partnering integrators for fruitful and successful project implementations.


The Solution

The railway operator, CP, commissioned Wavecom to source a reliable antenna solution that can tick many boxes: It had to be an all-in-one solution that could deliver LTE/WIFI/GPS MiMo functions in single housing. On top of this, the environmental conditions were demanding. The antenna had to be designed and produced for extremely tough environments.

Trusting Wavecom’s expertise and following their recommendation,
CP finally chose Panorama Antennas for this complicated new project. Wavecom provided one Wavesys dual modem with 2 x TRNMG-7-60 antennas to be installed in each vehicle. The feedback from CP was that the setup worked perfectly! Through this, Panorama Antennas has once again demonstrated its competence in supporting challenging railway projects.

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