Over 60 countries worldwide now operate commercial 5G networks bringing even faster, reliable and low latency communication services to their customers. Most 5G networks currently operate in the sub 6GHz frequency spectrum between 3.3-3.8GHz (bands n77/n78), but in the future there will be more 5G operation in the 600MHz and 700MHz bands across parts of North America and Europe. There is also a growing number of 5G private networks being implemented to provide an alternative secure communications platform for IoT solutions. 5G antennas need to offer the high performance required to derive maximum benefit from these networks.

Panorama Antennas supplies a range of 5G Antennas covering 600-6000MHz, offering products that meet the demands of 5G whatever the application and wherever you are in the world, today and in the future. We also have a range of 5G antennas in different form factors dedicated to the 3.3-3.8GHz and 5GHz frequency bands giving customers a number of options depending on their application.


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