Powerful On-Board WiFi for Tourists on the Original London Bus Tour

Powerful On-Board WiFi for Tourists

on the Original London Bus Tour


The Challenge

Having recently updated the look of their iconic buses, The Original Tour also wished to give them a technical upgrade, to provide their passengers with free WiFi while on their tours. Increasingly on-board WiFi for passengers is becoming the norm for buses. Panorama Antennas’ wide range of products, both LTE and directional WiFi antennas, makes providing customers with a strong and consistent connection simpler and more effective. A significant value add for all bus operators.


The Antenna

W24-58-CP-9 & LGMM-7-27-24-58

The W24-58-CP-9 is a directional wall antenna covering both 2.4 & 5.0GHz WiFi/ WLAN with a peak isotropic gain of 9dBi.

The antenna can be mounted on either a wall or mast and is supplied with a 900 adjustable mounting bracket to give optimal mounting flexibility.

It is an ideal antenna for network coverage solutions with wide horizontal and vertical beam width.

The LGMM-7-27-24-58 “Great White” is a high performance combination anten- na covering 2×2 MiMo LTE, 2.4/5.0GHz WiFi and also GPS/GNSS.


The Client

“The excellent directional coverage that the W24-58-CP-9 was able to provide shows that it is an extremely effective an The Original London Tour was the first sightseeing tour of its kind, dating back to the early 1900s. Officially founded in 1951 for the Festival of Britain it offered the thousands of visitors who came to London for the festival a tour “around the town for half a crown!” The tours left from near Buckingham Palace in open- topped double-decker buses, the first incarnation of the open-top sightseeing tours that can be seen in allmajor touristic cities across the world today. The Original Tour still gives thousands of tourists every year an amazing tour of the historic capital of Great Britain. d efficient antenna for on-board WiFi!” John Thomson, Technical Sales & Support Manager.


The Solution

With a combination of these two antennas Panorama was able to provide an excellent connectivity solution for the bus passengers. The LGMM-7-27-24-58 provides the 4G antenna function for the on-board router. This then enables the W24-58-CP-7 antennas to beam a strong WiFi signal down the length of the bus.

These antennas are housed behind discrete plastic panels, one on each floor and are an extremely efficient solution. This allows the antennas to be placed close to the router, reducing the cable length required, and therefore reducing the feeder loss and cost of the installation.

This provides an extremely effective on-board passenger WiFi system with download speeds recorded of up to 34mbps at the very extremity of the bus. With these high performing antennas The Original Tour is now able to provide all their passengers with powerful and stable on-board WiFi. This then encourages customers to share their images and enjoyment of the tour while on-board the buses.

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