Panorama’s Antennas Guarantee a Reliable Electricity Supply in Finland

Panorama's Antennas Guarantee a Reliable Electricity Supply in Finland

“Some of the antennas are installed north of the Arctic Circle, so the requirements were tough: the antenna had to be weatherproof and durable. The antenna also needed to be “easy to install correctly” to support the aggressive installation schedule. The B4BE-7-27 met these requirements easily.” 

-Markus Ahnen, Managing Director, NDC Networks


The Challenge

NDC Networks delivers high-reliability networking solutions to smart grids and industrial companies.
One of NDC’s customers, a large electricity distribution company servicing 100,000s customers, turned to NDC to migrate all its communication infrastructure to LTE.
In order to guarantee reliable electricity supply to its customers under all circumstances, the antenna had to be high performance, weatherproof, highly durable and easy to install.


The Antenna

The B4BE-7-27 is a compact omnidirectional broad band antenna covering 2G, 3G and 4G. With a rugged design that is fully weatherproof, the B4BE-7- 27 can stand up to any fixed installation application that requires a dependable cellular antenna.
The B4BE-7-27 allows easy placement in an elevated position with its omnidirectional radiation pattern and the design of the mounting bracket enables simple wall mounting using the supplied screws and bracket or mast mounting using a separate pipe clip or cable ties.
This antenna is an ideal solution for use in M2M applications such as remote switching and telemetry.


The Client

NDC Networks, founded in 1993 in Espoo, Finland, is a niche IT service provider focused on the needs of critical infrastructure and industrial companies. NDC’s specialty lies in building high-resilience telecommunication solutions that blend LTE, WiMAX, satellite, and other technologies for high reliability.
NDC Networks works as a close partner to its customer: Once a network has been designed and delivered, NDC monitors and maintains the network, as well as participates in the incremental improvement of the solution based on the changing needs of its customers.


The Solution

Following a competitive tender and a detailed review process, NDC Networks and its customer chose the Panorama’s B4BE-7-27-5SP due to its superior performance and form factor. “In the end, the choice was easy: We measured the performance of the B4BE against the models from several competitors, and we found that it outperformed them all siginificantly” says Markus Ahonen. During the three-year project, the customer seeks to completely renew its network and 3000 units of B4BE-7-27-5SP antennas have already been installed.

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