Panorama used by 3 Ireland

Panorama used by 3 Ireland


3 Ireland deploy 3G repeater systems in commercial and domestic properties using a system supplied and approved by and for their network. 3 have tested and approved the Panorama W21-CP-9 as the external base station antenna and as such we are proud to have been selected as the preferred supplier.

Although some of the less expensive repeater models do not include an external directional antenna they are crucial to providing significant signal strength gain. This is because the antenna can be oriented and located outside to provide the best possible signal, usually aligned with the nearest network base station tower.

Generally speaking the larger the external antenna the better the signal – although even a small, correctly oriented external antenna such as the W21-CP-9 will provide better signal than the internal antenna on any mobile hand held device. 3 Ireland have recognised this and as such are including it in their repeater systems.

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