Panorama Supplies Antennas for Remote Stock Control System

Panorama Supplies Antennas for Remote Stock Control System


Video Ezy approached Panorama requiring a small robust magnetic base antenna for a vending machine solution that could cover all the local cellular frequencies.

The MAR antenna solution was chosen because of its aesthetically pleasing appearance, small foot print and multi-band whip options. Two whips were used for this project the ASF-BADEP3G & AS-9G-21, which fit interchangeably on the magnetic MAR base. The two whips vary in length and dB gain. This provided the customer with the necessary deployment flexibility needed.

With such a flexible solution each of the 500 plus M2M vending machine solutions can be customised depending on location with the most suitable antenna combination providing a technical advantage and a significant cost saving over a one size fits all approach.

Video Ezy is Australia’s premier entertainment outlet, providing DVDs, games, and music for hire and purchase throughout Australia. With self service kiosks as far as Sale in Victoria, Video Ezy may well be the furthest deployment from our head offices in London, England.

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