Panorama Provides TETRA Combination Antenna for Madrid’s Regional Ambulances

Panorama Provides TETRA Combination Antenna for Madrid's Regional Ambulances


Panorama Antennas Ltd, Europe’s leading manufacturer of mobile antennas for TETRA communications is proud to have supplied the GPS/TETRA UHF “GPSK-TET” combination antennas that have been installed in the ambulances and other public safety vehicles provided by SUMMA, the main provider of ambulances for the region of Madrid, Spain.

Working in conjunction with Spain’s major radio communications company Radiotrans, Panorama supplied 320 GPSK-TET combination antennas for use with Motorola MTM series mobile radios as part of a recent TETRA upgrade for the region’s ambulances.

The GPSK-TET antenna was selected because of its dual TETRA and GPS functionality in single housing as well as being reliable, durable and aesthetically pleasing on ambulances. SUMMA and the Public Safety and Emergency Communications Network of the Madrid region is just the latest in a long line of public safety customers worldwide who have chosen the GPSK-TET antenna for their mobile radio communications.

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