Panorama Antennas Unveils Cutting-Edge 4×4 MiMo 4G/5G BAT[G]M4-6-60 Antenna Range

Panorama Antennas

Panorama Antennas Unveils Cutting-Edge BAT[G]M4-6-60 Antenna Range for Covert Public Safety Applications

Panorama Antennas, a recognised global leader in the design and manufacture of antennas for wireless networks, has launched the new BAT[G]M4-6-60.

Designed to transform the original Batwing antenna into a versatile 4×4 MiMo solution, the BAT[X]M4 range offers a comprehensive solution for 4G/5G connectivity in a discrete package. With the added option of GPS/GNSS and dual-band 2.4/5.0-7.2GHz WiFi 6E, this antenna range is a game changer for covert public safety vehicles.

The 4G/5G antenna elements cover 617-960/1427-6000MHz to provide a robust communication link to ensure high data rates even in challenging network coverage areas. The antenna can incorporate a GPS/GNSS module with advanced filtering for either L1/E1/G1/B1 only or dual band L1/E1/G1/B1 with L5/E5a. The antenna is IP55 rated and is designed to be mounted on or under a vehicle dashboard or parcel shelf, but can be mounted on any non-conductive surface. Non-GPS versions can be mounted vertically on a wall or panel.

The BAT range is supplied with integral low loss flame retardant cables that meet the requirements of UN ECE R118 and EN45545-2.

For enquiries or to learn more, contact our dedicated sales team at sales@panorama-antennas.com or visit our website at www.panorama-antennas.com.


About Panorama Antennas Ltd:

Panorama Antennas Ltd is located in London, UK. Established in 1947 and a family business now in its third generation, Panorama is a world leader in radio communication antennas.

Serving the consumer wireless, M2M & IoT, in-building and public safety industries,

Panorama employs over 100 staff, has 4 international subsidiary companies, 5 international sales offices and retains all design, development and manufacturing at its headquarters in

London. Panorama Antennas is a proud member of leading industry bodies and recipient of numerous awards.

For more information, please visit https://www.panorama-antennas.com

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