Panorama Antennas Sharkee® Reaches New Heights in Southampton

Panorama Antennas Sharkee® Reaches New Heights in Southampton


The Challenge

A customer was looking to upgrade and extend their on-site Wi-Fi network to cover both the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequencies. The network is used by their container crane transport vehicles to move shipping containers on and off ships and around the shipyard. All of the container cranes would benefit from the installation of a new mobile antenna solution, along with a durable tablet computer driving efficiencies in the port’s container movements. This would enable each crane’s movements to be mapped and exact location recorded, ensuring that each shipping container was tagged and located within the port accurately. The on-site Wi-Fi ‘hotspots’ would enable a secure communications network was possible for 24-hour continuous operation. The challenge was to find the most suitable high-performance antenna to meet these expectations.

Panorama Antennas LTE Marine Antenna with pole mount brackets and CS29 cable
MiMo 2.4/5.0GHz Sharkfin Antenna with up to 5 elements and optional GPS/GNSS, housed in a sleek sharkfin design.

The Antenna


The SHK-T24-58 antenna is a compact OEM style ‘Sharkfin’ design that contains 3×3 MiMo antenna function for dual band WiFi 2.4 and 5.8GHz frequencies. With an IP66 ingress protection rating which is perfect for the environment and with ground-plane independent functionality, this is an ideal low profile, high performing antenna solution for the challenge.


The Solution

Each container crane was equipped with a tablet computer, which had to be connected to an SHK-T24-58 antenna via the system’s docking station. The antenna needed to be installed outside the crane cab to allow for a good line-of-sight to the Wi-Fi network. The area selected for installation was one of the crane’s cast iron legs, but drilling holes for panel mounting was impractical. A key feature of the SHK-T24-58 antenna is it’s unique magnetic foot mounting accessory (SAB-224), which allowed the antenna to be securely positioned on one of the crane legs. The supplied cable assemblies were then run a short distance to the cab and connected to the tablet computer. Following successful initial trials, a full roll-out was undertaken and 80 cranes were installed with the SHK-T24-58 antennas. Given the success of this solution, the customer has subsequently rolled out the same solution to the smaller low-loaders they also use in the docks.

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