Leveraging WiFi and 5G Connectivity Out at Sea with Tele-Tukku

Leveraging 5G Connectivity at Sea with Tele-Tukku


The Challenge

Maintaining a consistent level of cellular connectivity at sea presents unique challenges, with the harsh and unpredictable marine environment testing the resilience of technology. To ensure a robust and dependable solution, it is crucial to opt for rugged products capable of withstanding extreme conditions. Enter Pasi Latva-Käyrä from our antenna distributor in Finland, Tele-Tukku, who found himself facing weak cellular signals during his voyages in the coastal areas of Finland. This connectivity struggle not only affected his ability to work but also hindered his access to entertainment. Seeking a comprehensive solution, Pasi needed an antenna system that could deliver consistently superior 5G LTE connectivity.

MiMo 4G/5G Omni Antenna with integrated GPS/GNSS module and weather-resistant design for reliable wireless connectivity in industrial and domestic environments.

The Antenna

BSM-6-60 – MiMo 4G/5G Omni Antenna

• 2×2 MiMo 4G/5G antenna solution
• Marine Grade Antenna
• Optional GPS/GNSS
• Integrated low loss coaxial cables
• Ratchet Mount accessory

The BS[G]M-6-60 antenna series is a 2×2 MiMo Omni-directional antenna range for 4G/5G cellular routers. It covers 617-960/1427-6000MHz and is suitable for external or internal installation. The antenna is weather and corrosion resistant making it an ideal marine antenna solution.


The Solution

Upon consulting Panorama for assistance, Pasi opted to enhance his connectivity by installing two BSM-6-60 antennas on his boat, enabling a 4×4 MiMo connection with his 5G R1900 Cradlepoint router. Through strategic positioning of these antennas, allowing for optimal antenna isolation and seperation, Pasi witnessed a remarkable improvement in both the quality and strength of his on-board connectivity. A subsequent speed test revealed a doubling in download speed and tripling in upload speed, enabling stable and high-speed connectivity for Pasi during his sea adventures.


Who are Tele Tukku?

Tele-Tukku is a telecommunications company based in Finland that provides a range of products and services related to connectivity and communication solutions. Tele-Tukku is one of Panorama Antennas most trusted distributors in Europe and have worked with Panorama on various innovative projects for a number of years. #makingtheconnection across Finland. You can visit Tele Tukku here: https://shop.tele-tukku.fi/

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