Jersey Net Deployable Networks Use Panorama

Jersey Net Deployable Networks Use Panorama

“A traditional setup needed up to eight individual antennas… We only needed two.”


The Challenge

The challenge faced by Panorama was how to integrate the new FIRSTNET BAND14 capable router with as few antennas as possible. A competitor approached the State of New Jersey with their solution which proposed three individual antennas for the router. The router is capable of 3X3 Wi-Fi, 4X4 cellular dual to dual radios and GPS. A traditional antenna scheme would be to place eight individual antennas on the vehicle. Due to most of the vehicles being public safety and having vehicle tracking, bank tag tracking using multiple other antennas, this was not an option. Panorama Antennas sought out PMC who were in charge of the mobile antenna solutions for the project to help them solve the multiple antenna issue.


The Client

New Jersey is implementing deployable networks utilizing Cells on Wheels (COWs) and Systems on Wheels (SOWs) throughout the State. The deployable networks will be capable of delivering data either to boost existing communications or provide communications where existing nodes have been compromised. New Jersey will purchase 37 deployable assets equipped with microwave and satellite backhaul, as well as end-user devices. New Jersey will position a total of 27 deployable assets (COWs and SOWs) in the three proof- of-concept networks, and 10 assets in ready standby as necessary throughout the State and region in the event of emergencies or special events in the State and surrounding region.


The Solution

Panorama’s LGMTM-7-27-24-58 Great White had just been released and was the perfect solution for the first radio and the GPS portion of the FIRSTNET approved router. The LGMTM line is ground plane independent, compact, low profile and superior in its electrical efficiency to the competition. The LPMM-7-27 was added to cover the second internal radio of the modem/router. The LPMM has a similar form factor and same electrical efficiency of the LGMTM but in a MiMo cell option. With just two antennas Panorama was able to cover the entire router’s antenna needs.

Panorama antennas created an adaptor for corrugated vehicles roofs that made the installation attractive and also waterproof, so the state could now mount the antenna on almost any vehicle. The LGMTM was able to function on any network carrier in the nation making it a truly global antenna. If carriers changed in the future, the State of New Jersey would then have no need to change antennas just to be able to receive the new carriers’ frequency.

The LGMTM also futureproofed the State’s fleet by having Wi-Fi antennas capable of producing a 300’ Wi-Fi bubble around the vehicle for tablets, laptops, portable ticket books, fingerprint readers etc. The antennas multi-in/multi-out capabilities allows for higher data speeds for more efficient data transfer and reception. The LGMTM came with a standard 3⁄4 inch bolt requiring no retooling by upfitters and installers. To provide real ease of installation Panorama Antennas prebuilt the kits and labeled the cables to streamline the installation process. The two antennas were then individually bagged and boxed so that a box placed in an individual vehicle represented all the antennas needed for that unit.

Our sales team is passionate about making your projects work and this project reflects Panorama Antennas’ ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for our customers, backing up our top-quality antennas with decades of knowledge.

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