Panorama Antennas

Environmental Responsibility

We are dedicated to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and controlling the environmental risks associated with our work. We are also committed to meeting or exceeding all legal, customer and other requirements relating to our environmental protection and performance.


In particular,
we undertake programmes associated with

  • Energy use
  • Raw material use
  • Packaging
  • Waste management

The directors of Panorama Antennas have created targeted Environmental Objectives to drive the company towards these goals. Progress towards these Objectives is reviewed at the top management’s business update meeting and their relevance and effectiveness examined to ensure our environmental performance continually improves over time.
The processes and resources necessary to achieve our Environmental Objectives are communicated by the directors through the Environmental Management System (EMS). It is based on the principle of risk management, developed through a process of continual improvement directed by evidence-based thinking and is operated to meet or exceed the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

Panorama Antennas has committed the resources, fostered the skills and developed the competencies necessary to achieve these aims. We encourage further environmental improvements through close engagement with our staff, subsidiaries, suppliers, customers and other partners. This policy is communicated throughout all levels of the company and is made available to interested parties on our company website. It is reviewed by senior management at least annually and revised when appropriate.


Panorama Antennas’ Environmental Management System will cover the design, development, purchase, tooling, manufacture, selling and delivery of antennas, cables and other closely related products for radio communication (and support functions
associated with the above) at its Frogmore site in London. It will aim to satisfy the environmental requirements of customers, regulators, employees and directors, address relevant internal and external issues and deal with the significant environmental aspects and impacts of the company’s operations, including in abnormal or emergency conditions. As well as covering the controlled aspects of the production and delivery of the finished product, it will also seek to exert influence, where possible, over any significant aspects of that occur throughout the product lifecycle, from procurement of raw materials to final disposal by the end user.

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Panorama Antennas recycles paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans and glass, as well as excess materials from the production process. In 2010 alone Panorama Antennas recycled 14440kg of paper saving 245 trees.