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Panorama’s constant cutting-edge research ensures that our antennas meet the demands of the very latest technology. With over 75 years’ experience in delivering world-class antenna products, Panorama’s current product range reflects our unparalleled expertise in providing high-quality performance antennas.

The solution you are after

From retail to office, restaurant to warehouse, connectivity is required for many different sectors and applications in the enterprise network.

Fixed landlines may be the traditional option, but if this is unavailable then the wireless option is a straightforward alternative that is quick and easy to deploy, reliable, and cost-effective. As cellular networks become more advanced offering 4G/5G LTE to many more communities, the landscape is changing and wireless enterprise networks are growing, whether that be the primary or failover option.

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All-in-One Antenna Solutions

Panorama’s antennas are designed to give you guaranteed superior performance straight out of the box with minimum configuration.

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Key Enterprise Antenna Solutions

With the user in mind, Panorama Antennas has an extensive range of advanced enterprise antenna solutions that offer superior performance and ensuring stable wireless connectivity for your network. The high gain MiMo antenna solutions are a popular choice to allow for increased data rates with higher spec LTE routers and gateways capable of using the 5G LTE network.

Installed externally and in the direction of the nearest base station, they bring data speeds seen outside the building inside to the user. Designed to be an easy install, these enterprise antennas are versatile and can be wall or mast mounted and allow for different cable lengths to extend to the LTE router inside.

The Enterprise Networks and the Demand for Antenna Solutions

With the growth of enterprise networks, so does the demand for antenna solutions that meet the expectations of customers in different applications. Whilst many routers are supplied with low-cost paddle cellular antennas, in many instances, these are not sufficient for the user to gain the data speeds they desire from the router and so turn to more sophisticated products, engineered to improve the customer’s experience.

These could be internal or external antennas, wall or panel mounted, SiSo or 2×2 or 4×4 MiMo, and even solutions combined with GPS/GNSS and WiFi to allow the user maximum capability from their router. These enterprise antennas ensure connectivity is more reliable, stable, and faster.