EE Adopts WMM8G for Rapid Site

EE Adopts WMM8G for Rapid Site

“The WMM8G is designed to be quick to install and offers several mounting configurations, making it convenient and versatile component.”


The Challenge

EE’s Rapid Site connects remote or temporary locations with EE’s superfast 4G broadband. Rapid Site is the optimal solution for sites where IT is integral to operations, providing a data connection when it is needed the most.

As the hardware for the Rapid Site needed to be able to deploy quickly and reliably, providing an antenna solution was no easy task. In addition to requiring a fast installation time, finding a high performance antenna that could be quickly deployed and withstand the elements once installed was a challenge in itself.


The Antenna

The WMM8G is a high directional gain 2 x 2 MiMo antenna for 2G, 3G and 4G networks. The rugged, weather resistant housing contains two separately fed wideband elements that offer 6dBi peak gain 698-960MHz and 9dBi peak gain at 1710-2700MHz.

This antenna can be mounted either directly onto a wall or on a mast with the supplied brackets, allowing a more diverse range of options for mounting the antenna to ensure optimal signal. The WMM8G is built to ensure a stable network link for network operators with improved data rates. This makes it ideal for both permanent and temporary applications where a reliable point-to- point connection is paramount.


The Client

EE is the UK’s largest cellular network provider that offers a range of flexible services for business communication. With Rapid Site, EE provides superfast 4G connectivity to customers with equipment that is highly capable and quick to mobilise.

With a wide range of clients in sectors from construction to the emergency services, EE’s Rapid Site offers end to end support for the duration of an installation, including technical support, remote management and on-site service and coverage checks in order to ensure a high quality service


The Solution

Panorama’s WMM8G provides an ideal antenna solution for EE’s Rapid Site, offering a capable high directional gain antenna in a robust, weatherproof housing. Offering 2 x 2 MiMo operation across 2G, 3G and 4G networks, the WMM8G is a high performance solution for fixed site applications

The WMM8G is designed to be quick to install and offers several mounting configurations, making it a convenient and versatile component. The antenna can be affixed to either a mast or a wall, but also comes with a free standing desk mount that allows it to be placed on a flat surface. With this degree of versatility, the WMM8G is able to offer EE’s installation team numerous options with regards to install location, while also being guaranteed to give great performance straight from the box.

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