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Panorama Antennas provides a range of approved antennas for Cradlepoint Routers.

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Panorama Antennas Provides A Range of Approved Antennas for Cradlepoint Routers

As an approved antenna supplier to Cradlepoint, Panorama has developed a specific product landing page on its website dedicated to their wireless routers. This allows the user to select from a wide range of antenna solutions that are configured and approved for function with Cradlepoint routers. In essence, what we want to achieve is to have a one-stop-shop for all the customers router antennas needs, thus removing the complexities of trying to identify the correct antenna solution.

What Does Panorama Offer

Panorama offers a comprehensive range of antenna solutions with all covering the commercial cellular frequency bands utilised by carriers worldwide. These are typically from 700MHz through to 3800MHz and mean the antenna can be used universally. We also have a growing range of antennas covering the 600MHz to 6000MHz frequency spectrum to allow customers to use the antennas for LTE Band 71 (617-698MHz) and also private LTE in the 5GHz band. These are clearly indicated against each product. On both landing page, products are detailed in their kit part numbers with full cable extensions thus allowing the user to just select a single part number that they requires sourcing once they have made their choice.

Antennas On The Landing Page

There is a wide range of antenna solutions built for Cradlepoint routers on the product landing page. These antennas are split into three categories; Enterprise Networks, Mobile Networks, and IoT Networks. Panorama has carefully chosen which antennas are best suited for each category and to go with each Cradlepoint router depending on their functionality.

Plug & Play Solutions

All the antenna kits displayed on the landing pages are “plug-and-play” solutions whereby the antenna is ready to be installed, comes with full cable assemblies, and fitted with the correct connectors to fit to the Cradlepoint router that it’s to be used with. The antennas are wide-band cellular so covering all operating frequencies within the market, the GPS/GNSS antennas are designed to function with all satellite constellations and the WiFi antennas are ready to function at all the required frequencies for the technology. Everything comes in a single package, complete with full installation instructions.

For important regulatory information and information related to product performance please visit Cradlepoint

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