A low profile antenna for Vemotion CCTV System

A low profile antenna for Vemotion CCTV System


The Challenge

Vemotion specialise in providing cost effective wireless CCTV solutions that allow remote and mobile monitoring. Vemotion’s CCTV systems use 3G, 4G and GPRS, allowing video data transmission over low bandwidth connections. These video transmissions are fed over the cellular networks to a server that in turn sends the video feeds to a control room, or to a device remotely in the field. Vemotion’s fully integrated pole camera system is designed to be the ultimate rapid deployment surveillance system, integrating high-performance camera, a Cellular/WiFi modem, GPS and hard-drive storage. These units can work independently, or in parallel with several cameras broadcasting from a single unit.

Vemotion’s original antenna setup for their wireless CCTV system consisted of three separate antennas protruding from the top of the cylindrical unit, one for WiFi and two for MiMo 3G/4G. These multiple antennas presented a cluttered and potentially vulnerable arrangement.


The Antenna


Panorama’s LPMMB-7-27-24-58 is a rugged low profile combination antenna that houses four isolated high performance elements; two wideband LTE/cellular elements and two 2.4 & 4.9-6GHz WiFi/WiMAX. The antenna does not require a ground plane and maintains a high level of performance even when mounted on a non-metallic surface.

The LPMMB-7-27-24-58 performs with 2.3dBi gain at 698-960MHz and up to 5dBi at 1700-2700MHz. This gives the antenna better performance in situations where signal is weaker than normal. The antenna elements are housed inside a durable, weatherproof and ruggedized housing that provides the antenna with strong protection against the elements and vandalism.


The Client

Vemotion is a company specialising in delivery of quality Live Video wirelessly, often over low bandwidth and unreliable networks, such as mobile networks, easing deployment, redeployment and management issues and enabling more operations then previously available by using other technology, proven reliable in many challenging environments for both overt and covert surveillance, is designed for ‘Plug & Play’, is capable of supporting existing cameras and infrastructure, including interconnection to existing Video management Systems, recording platforms and local networks.


The Solution

Fitting the LPMMB-7-27-24-58 to the Vemotion CCTV module solves a number of practical issues while providing outstanding electrical performance. With four internal elements, the Panorama solution provides an all-in-one package for Vemotion.

With a single, solid casing in place of several individual antennas, the LPMMB-7-27-24-58 is able to be mounted on top of Vemotion’s camera module perfectly, giving a sleek, low profile look. The combination of multiple internal antennas gives MiMo WiFi and LTE/cellular capability that allows the camera module to communicate both with the cellular network and other camera nodes over WiFi.

The Panorama Antennas LPMMB-7-27-24-58 offers a clear advantage to Vemotion, presenting a ruggedized alternative to multiple antennas whilst being MiMo capable product that offers reliable performance straight out of the box.

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